Monday, December 22, 2008

Suzanne Ciani - Meditations for Dreams Relaxation & Sleep

A special collection of Ciani's most peaceful and healing recordings, all in one magical place.
A continuous mood of calm and exquisite beauty culled from 10 of her masters, five Grammy-nominated, including her seminal work in the pure electronic medium.. Suzanne Ciani is a composer, recording artist, and pioneer in the field of electronic music and sound design. She is best loved for her 14 albums of original music which feature her performances in a broad array of expressions: pure electronic, solo piano, piano with orchestra, and piano with jazz ensemble. Her music, reknowned for its romantic, healing, and aesthetic qualities, has found a rapidly growing international audience, and her performances include numerous benefits for humanitarian causes. This essential collection will appeal to fans of Tim Story, Kitaro, Deuter, Constance Demby, and Lisa Lynne... ~

Personnel includes: Suzanne Ciani (piano, synthesizer); Diane Sorel (vocals); Teja Bell (guitar); Jeremy Cohen (violin); Doug Harmon, Joseph Hebert, Matt Crooker (cello); Matt Eakle, Peter Gordon (flute); Paul McCandless (oboe, alto saxophone, English horn); Rob Zantay (lyricon); Vangelis (synthesizer); Michael Manring, John Peters (fretless bass); Kalani (percussion); Chris Ianuzzi (voyetra); The Young Russia Orchestra.


01. Inverness (04:37)
02. L'Azzurro (05:13)
03. The Velocity of Love (04:34)
04. Full Moon Sonata (05:07)
05. The Third Wave (05:22)
06. Meeting Mozart (04:49)
07. Go Gently (05:13)
08. Midnight Rendezvous (03:31)
09. 4 O'Clock in the Morning (03:52)
10. Berceuse (04:09)
11. Terra Mesa (03:30)
12. Bel Canto (02:05)
13. Lay Down Beside Me (08:32)
14. Lumiere (04:55)

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dave Koz - At The Movies

The contemporary jazz saxophonist Dave Koz explores the world of movie themes on this tribute to classic Hollywood musical moments, with the help of talented jazz and commercial singers like Johnny Mathis, Barry Manilow, Anita Baker, and Donna Summer. Koz's program of popular themes includes THE WIZARD OF OZ's "Over the Rainbow," the theme from THE PINK PANTHER, and the theme from SCHINDLER'S LIST, all performed in his signature mellow style.

Personnel include: Dave Koz (saxophone); Donna Summer, India.Arie, Johnny Mathis, Anita Baker, Vanessa Williams, Barry Manilow (vocals); Norman Brown (guitar); Peter White (acoustic guitar); Chris Botti (trumpet).

Recording information: Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California.

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Moon River - (with Barry Manilow)
3. As Time Goes By
4. Somewhere - (with Anita Baker)
5. Shadow of Your Smile, The - (with Johnny Mathis/Chris Botti)
6. Pink Panther, The
7. Way We Were, The - (with Vanessa Williams)
8. Summer Knows, The
9. It Might Be You - (with India.Arie)
10. Cinema Paradiso Suite
11. Whole New World, A - (with Donna Summer)
12. Schindler's List
13. It Might Be You - (Bonus Track, with Peter White)
14. Shadow of Your Smile, The - (Bonus Track, with Chris Botti/Norman Brown

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Vietrio - Miracle

Release date : 5 July 2008
more info :
Publisher: Grammy

Track List

1. Miracle
2. Ruk nee tee ror koy (Giacomo Puccini: Madame Butterfly) : รักนี้ที่รอคอย
3. Immortal (Feat. Nott Retrospect)
4. Pleng tan jai (Feat. R The Star) : เพลงแทนใจ
5. Young blood (Feat. Guy G-Jurnio)
6. Bai mai : ใบไม้
7. Soul of siam
8. Poo chai nai sai fhon (Feat. Ruj The Star) : ผู้ชายในสายฝน
9. Wedding
10. Confession
11. Happy night
12. Rain instrumental

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cats Complete Collection CD

maspie spoiler

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steven Halpern - Enhancing Creativity

MP3 320 Kbps | 2 parts 132 MB
Genre: New Age / Instrumental

Audio CD (February 27, 1996)
Original Release Date: February 27, 1996
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Inner Peace Music
ASIN: B000003IUC


Creativity (part I)
In The Theta Zone
Natural Light
Moment's Pause
Comfort Zone
In The Flow
Creativity (part II)

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zen and the Art of Relaxation (2002)

Genre: New Age, Relaxation
Covers: Yes
Label: Reflections of Nature
Release Date: 2005
Quality: MP3/VBR
Size: 106 Mb
Password: Zen

1. Heart Of Dawn 7:02
2. The Winding Path 6:05
3. Peaceful Passage 6:27
4. Temple Garden 8:28
5. Reflections In The Pond 5:47
6. Mother And Child 7:04
7. Petals Of Wisdom 6:38
8. Patience 5:10
9. The Bridge 6:18
10. Quiet Mountain 6:19

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Steven Halpern - Music for Accelerated Learning

Steven Halpern - Music for Accelerated Learning
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 2 parts 140MB

Original Release Date: January 12, 1999
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Inner Peace Music
ASIN: B00000HY6G

Track Listings

1. Pastorale
2. Pachelbel's Canon
3. In the Flow
4. Oasis
5. Arabesque
6. Comfort Zone
7. Alpha Zone
8. The Learning Zone I
9. The Learning Zone II
10. Dawn
11. Waterfall
12. Eventide

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rindik : The Balinese Traditional Bamboo & Flute Music

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bali Traditional - Sacred Healing Water

1.Spring Water (05:30)
2.Pretty Litle Girl (05:37)
4.New Morning (06:52)
5.Anom Queen (05:24)
6.Melody of Hope (08:20)
7.Morning Sun (08:20)
8.Mountain Spring (05:52)
9.Windmill's (07:59)
10.After The Harvest (06:58)

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Bali Ethnic Percussions - A Journey Of Nature (Sounds Of The Jungle)


01 New Day
02 Sunrise
03 Entering The Forest
04 Jungle Flight
05 A Walk In The Rainforest
06 Hunting
07 Daintree Rainforest
08 Peaceful Wildness
09 The Sacred Of The Forest
10 Free Your Mind

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


CD Number:QWCE-00067
size : 196M 320Kbps


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, Vol. 2

Track Listings :
1. Sigumendar
2. Unknown
3. Nelayan
4. Ayam Den Lapeh
5. Senjah Indah
6. Talang Denti
7. Pariaman
8. Mali Ila Ahadin
9. Tanjuang Sani
10. Taubat missing track
11. Kijom Kijom
12. Bunga Rampai missing track
13. Salam Pembukaan missing track
14. Unknown
15. Usah Dikenang

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Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra, Vol. 1

The equator runs through only ten countries on earth and I bet that you cannot name them all without consulting a map. Indonesia is one of them and the only nation in Asia with the equatorial stripe impaling it. There are so many different cultures spread-out on these islands, that it would take several lifetimes to experience them all properly. Within this umbrella of diversity is one of the world's richest and most dazzling sound museums. Sumatra is the northwestern entry point to the great archipelago. It is a large island approximately the size of California. There are jungles, mountains, swamps, various forms of myths and folklore, hustlers, Padang Food, Tigers, the Durian, dozens of cultures and languages, and more music than you've ever been allowed to hear. The selections on this CD are a combination of droning beat pop, pseudo-gypsy songs, jungle folk trance, and other improbable traditional and hybrid styles heard by only a handful of outsiders. These recordings are from old cassette tapes received as gifts, in trade, or purchased from sources in Sumatra in 1989. Some of the tapes are unmarked with the artists unknown, yet all of them are decaying documents of various sound quality containing some of the most eccentric artifacts ever uncovered from this fascinating island.

Track Listings :
1. Sitogol #1 (Haba Haba Group)
2. Unknown Title (Unknown Group)
3. Borungku Si Derita (Marios Group) missing track
4. Siti Payung (Pimp Rubiah)
5. Indang Pariaman (Samsimar)
6. Piso Somalim #1 (Unknown Drama) missing track
7. Sri Mersing (Pimp Rubiah) missing track
8. Bapikek Balam (Samsimar)
9. Piso Somalim #2 (Unknown Drama) missing track
10. Sitogol #2 (Haba Haba Group)

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Kacapi Suling - Bangbara

Kacapi Suling - Bangbara
World-Ethnic | MP3 192 kbps | 85 MB | Covers Incl.

Sundanese music performed by LS Kancana Sari led by the renowned degung teacher Endang Sukarna


1. L.S Kancana Sari - Landangan Naek Ngahelas (8:47)
2. L.S Kancana Sari - Bangbara (6:46)
3. L.S Kancana Sari - Santika (6:59)
4. L.S Kancana Sari - Hariring Bandung (6:53)
5. L.S Kancana Sari - Adu Manis (6:15)
6. L.S Kancana Sari - Taman Priangan (5:12)
7. L.S Kancana Sari - Jaka Sunda (10:49)
8. L.S Kancana Sari - Walang Sungsang (7:51)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ermy Kullit - Di Hatiku (NEW: 2007)

Blackmamba says:
Finally it's here. Tante Ermy Kullit kembali lagi dgn album baru. Album kolaborasinya dgn Jopie Item ini bakal ngobatin kerinduan penggemar2 Ermy, sekaligus merangkul penggemar2 baru yang masih berusia muda. Kalau ada yg mengira album ini bakalan "old style" alias jadul spt lagu2nya tante Ermy yg dulu pasti kecele. Gw sebut ini modernized vintage. Style klasiknya tante Ermy ga ilang, dalam artian dia masih mempertahankan gaya menyanyinya yang udah jadi trademark sekian puluh tahun, tapi dgn aransemen yang segar, yg bisa masuk ke kalangan pendengar yg lebih muda. Aransemennya asik bgt, meskipun bossa tetap jadi primadona, tapi improvisasi2 didalamnya ngejazz bgt, tanpa harus ribet. This is wonderful. Mau yg demen tante Ermy, mau yg belom kenal, mau idup mati di bossa atau termasuk "so what gitu lowh" ama bossa, ini gw rekomen bener2. Really fresh, really nice, a modernized vintage yang sgt enjoyable. Semangat dan kegembiraan tante Ermy untuk kembali tampil ke permukaan juga kerasa bgt di lagu2nya. Best cut gw ? Bila Angin 'kan mendengarnya yg sweet n smooth bossa, Aku Ini Punya Siapa, Masih Ada atau Keraguan-nya Dian PP. atau Citra nya Bimbo.. Nice... nice...

ps: kalau suka albumnya, n sanggup beli, silakan beli.. ga rugi kok, biarpun harganya agak2 tinggi, sekitar 80 ribuan. :)

1. Kemana
2. Sesal
3. Bila Angin 'Kan Mendengar
4. Masih Ada
5. Yang Ada di Hatiku (Kau)
6. Citra
7. Disini
8. Aku Ini Punya Siapa
9. Hasrat
10. Keraguan

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*credit to Blackmamba

Ireng Maulana All Stars ft Ermy Kullit

One of the most influenced artist in indonesian jazz. Appearing uniquely in this album with his beloved banjo, he play ragtime in the style that only Ireng could think of. Enjoy!

As Time Goes By
Basin Street Blues
Blueberry Hill
Chewin The Rag
Hello Dolly
How Sensitive
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Red River Valley
Tak Ingin Sendiri
The Entertainer

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*credit to Blackmamba

Ada Band - PerADAban 2000

Track List

1. OUGHH...!!
Krishna & Baim
Dika & Baim
Krishna & Baim

maspie spoiler

Ada Band - Romantic Rhapsody (2006)

1. Surga Cinta
2. Haruskah Ku Mati
3. Karena Wanita (Ingin Dimengerti)
4. Senandung Lagu Cinta
5. Pemburu Cinta
6. Pura-Pura Cinta
7. Setingginya Nirwana
8. Nadia
9. Singgasana Cinta
10. 1001 Cara
11. Sayang
12. Jalan Cahaya

maspie spoiler

*credit to qUeEn@capo

Ada Band - Heaven Of Love (2004)

1. Yang Terbaik Bagimu, Jangan Lupakan Ayah (Feat. Gita Gutawa)
2. Manusia Bodoh
3. Kau Auraku
4. Setengah Hati
5. Hitam & Putih
6. Kencan Rahasia
7. Kau & Keajaiban Kecilmu
8. Tak Bisa Lagi Menyanyangmu
9. Penjara Jiwa
10. Jangan Egomu Kau Paksakan
11. Segudang Cinta
12. Langit Tujuh Bidadari

maspie spoiler

*credit to qUeEn@capo

Ada Band - Metamorphosis (2003)

1. Kaulah
2. Masih (Sahabatku Kekasihku)
3. Seberkas Kisah Lalu
4. Manja
5. Terbuai
6. Tinggalkan Saja Dia
7. Sungguh Ingin Ku Berlari
8. Raihlah Wangi Dunia
9. Kekasihmu Yang Lain
10. Biarkan Ku Pergi

maspie spoiler

*credit to qUeEn@capo

The Best Of Ada Band (2003)

1. Seharusnya
2. Ough
3. Bilakah
4. Air Cintamu
5. Salahkah?
6. 1000 Bayang
7. Tiara
8. Terasa Indah Bersamamu
9. Bawalah Anganku
10. Nasha
11. Lagu Terakhir Untukmu

maspie spoiler

credit to qUeEn@capo

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ENYA - And Winter Came (2008)

Released: November 10, 2008 (2008-11-10)
Recorded: 2006 — 2008 at Aigle Studios, Dublin
Genre: New Age
Length: 45 minutes
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Bitrate: 192 - 320 kbps
Size: 55,6 MB

01. And Winter Came...
02. Journey of the Angels
03. White is in the Winter Night
04. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
05. Trains and Winter Rains
06. Dreams are More Precious1
07. Last Time by Moonlight
08. One Toy Soldier
09. Stars and Midnight Blue
10. The Spirit of Christmas Past
11. My! My! Time Flies!
12. Oíche Chiúin (Chorale)

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guitar Hero 3 Soundtrack [320kbps]

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leena Shamamian - Shamat

Leena Shamamian -- Shamat
| 256 kbps | Release : May 2007 | 9 Songs | RS | 73 MB | Arabic

Lena Shamamian is Syrian Armenian Singer, with her cooperation with "Basel Rajoub" they are producing one of the finest music in the Arab World which reminds us with Fayrooz

1- Yomma Lala (5:04 )
2- Daouny Ajoudo (8:01 )
3- Seher (4:29 )
4- Ya Msafera (5:32 )
5- Sha'am (3:20 )
6- Hawel Ya Ghannam (4:43)
7- Kabel El Easha (3:04)
8- Baly Ma'ak (5:09) *New arrangment
9- Sareery hofin merneym (4:26) * Armenian Song


Thursday, September 11, 2008

VA - Easy Spring (2008)

Label: Parasol Phonotheque
Catalog#: PSOL013-4
Genre, Style: Chill Out, Lo-Fi
Country: Germany
Release Date: 03 March 2008
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Size: 171 mb

1. Eigenart - Pink Panther (Original Mix)
2. J. Axel - Deepness is Served (Original Mix)
3. Alphawezen - Speed of Light (Original Mix)
4. Lemongrass - Pacifique (Original Mix)
5. Acoustique Parfum - Drowning Sun Part 2 (Guardner’s Experience Mix)
6. Audio Lotion - Another Bossa (Original Mix)
7. Ohm-G - Island Dream (Original Mix)
8. Moodorama - Solitude (Original Mix)
9. Club Bangahs - Drop Dem Draws (Original Mix)
10. Forteba - White Party (Original Mix)
11. Naomi - All I Need (Original Mix)
12. Marcel - Salamandra (Original Mix)
13. PLUS49 - Mellowdie (Original Mix)
14. Nor Elle - Key to the City (Original Mix)
15. Lukas Greenberg - City Love (Feat. Idiophonic & Sarasena) (Original Mix)
16. Naomi - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Metallica - Death Magnetic 2008


01. That Was Just Your Life 7:08
02. The End of the Line 7:52
03. Broken, Beat & Scarred 6:25
04. The Day That Never Comes 7:56
05. All Nightmare Long 7:57
06. Cyanide 6:39
07. The Unforgiven III 7:46
08. The Judas Kiss 8:00
09. Suicide & Redemption 9:57
10. My Apocalypse 5:01

171Mb, 320 Kbps


Xandria - Now And Forever [The best of] (2008)

Band : Xandria
Album : Now And Forever
Type : Compilation
Release Date : 2008-06-06
Label : Drakkar
Country : Germany
Genre : Extreme
Style : Gothic Metal
Running Time : 01:18:32

1. Now & Forever (3:18)
2. Ravenheart (3:45)
3. Kill The Sun (3:24)
4. In Love With The Darkness (3:52)
5. Eversleeping (3:42)
6. Only For The Stars In Your Eyes (3:13)
7. The End Of Every Story (4:52)
8. The Lioness (4:42)
9. India (5:16)
10. Save My Life (3:56)
11. Ginger (4:54)
12. Firestorm (4:49)
13. Some Like It Cold (3:58)
14. Black Flame (3:31)
15. Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love (4:27)
16. Sisters Of The Light (3:39)
17. Mermaids (3:43)
18. Drown In Me (Rare Bonus Track) (3:10)
19. One Word (Previously Unreleased Bonus Track) (3:36)
20. Lullaby (Rare Bonus Track) (2:44)

Download Part1
Download Part2

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emha Ainun Nadjib

Emha Ainun Nadjib

1. Berhijrah-dari-kegelapan.mp3
2. Suluk-rosamtuka.mp3
3. Allohu-alloh.mp3
4. Wirid-padang-mbulan.mp3
5. Istighfar.mp3
6. Sholli Wa shallim.mp3
7. Tembang Kematian.mp3
8. Astaghfirullah.mp3
9. Ilir Ilir_Shalawat_Badar.mp3
12. Menyorong_Rembulan.mp3
13. Nurul_Musthofa.mp3
14. Renungan_Ilir_-_Ilir.mp3
15. Shalawat_Berdiri.mp3
16. Thola_al_Badru.mp3
18. Jaman Wis Akhir.mp3
19. Sayang_Padaku.mp3

Download Part1
Download Part2

Opick - Cahaya Hati [2008]

Track List :
01. Hanya Allah
02. Cahaya Hati
03. Ya Nabi Salam
04. Alangkah Indah
05. Cinta Setulus Jiwa
06. Hamba Hamba Allah
07. Ketika Cinta
08. Allah Ya Nur
09. Tuhan Lindungilah
10. Ramadhan Tiba


Friday, August 29, 2008

Extreme - Saudades de Rock (2008)

Bit Rate: 320 KBPS
RAR Size: 147 MB
Cover Included

Saudades de Rock (which roughly translates from Portuguese as "Nostalgic Yearning for Rock") is Extreme's fifth studio album that was released on August 12, 2008. It is the band's first album of new material since 1995's Waiting for the Punchline, and also their first release with new drummer Kevin Figueiredo.

01. Star
02. Comfortably Dumb
03. Learn to Love
04. Take us Alive
05. Run
06. Last Hour
07. Flower Man
08. King of the Ladies
09. Ghost
10. Slide
11. Interface
12. Sunrise
13. Peace (Saudade)
14. Americocaine (Demo 1985)
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Songbirds at Sunrise

New England Spring
Northern Mist
Southern Symphony
Coastal Horizons
Prairie Glory
Dawn In The Valley
Desert Sunrise
Pacific Inlet


Aura - Smooth Jazzy

Kesan pertama yang menganggap sosok penyanyi ini adalah biasa aja. Namun, setelah menyimak lirik-lirik yang dilantunkannya dalam album ini, kita akan percaya bahwa Aura mempunyai kemampuan berolah vokal.
Album Smooth Jazzy yg keluar tahun 2006 ini,menjadi gambaran nyata untuk pencinta musik bahwa ‘aura’nya selalu hadir dalam setiap lagu. Musik jazz yang dipilihnya dalam menapaki kehidupan bermusiknya adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk jenis vokalnya.And it's easy listening.....
( FYI,lagu2 di album ini emang pake bhs inggris,but ini penyanyi indo lho... )

1. Aura - Soldier Of Fortune (4:22)
2. Aura - More Than Words (5:14)
3. Aura - True (4:18)
4. Aura - I’ll Stand By You (4:01)
5. Aura - Teach Me How To Dream. (4:29)
6. Aura - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (4:0
7. Aura - Honestly (4:02)
8. Aura - Yesterday Once More (5:0 8)
9. Aura - Is This Love (4:11)
10. Aura - Killing Me Softly (4:55)

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Topeng Cirebon - Tarawangsa. Sundanese Music from West Java

1. Tatalu
2. Topeng Rahwana _ Klana
3. Topeng Rumiang
4. Saur - Pangameut
5. Panimang
6. Angin-Angin
7. Bangbalikan
8. Bangun

Part 1
Part 2

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A. Vivaldi - Four Seasons

Tracklist :

Der Frühling - The Spring
7- Allegro
8- Largo
9- Allegro

CONCERTO GROSSO g-Moll op.8 Nr.2
Der Sommer - The Summer
10- Allegro Non Molto
11- Adagio
12- Presto

Der Herbst - The Autumn
13- Allegro
14- Adagio
15- Die Jagd/The Hunt/La Caccia: Allegro

CONCERTO GROSSO f-Moll op.8 Nr.4
Der Winter - The Winter
16- Allegro Non Molto
17- Largo
18- Allegro


Saturday, August 9, 2008

VA - A Chillout Tribute To Queen

01 Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
02 Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
03 One vision.mp3
04 Under Pressure.mp3
05 We Are The Champions.mp3
06 Another One Bites The Dust.mp3
07 Who Wants To Live forever.mp3
08 We Will Rock You.mp3
09 The Show Must Go On.mp3
10 Love Of My Life.mp3
11 Radio Ga Ga.mp3
12 I Want To Break Free.mp3


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sambasunda - Seventh Sense

Playlist files:

1. Sambasunda - Tongtolang (5:10)
2. Sambasunda - Mande La Ondeh (5:41)
3. Sambasunda - Campur Sare (6:33)
4. Sambasunda - I'm So Sure (7:12)
5. Sambasunda - Song For Kuwu (5:41)
6. Sambasunda - The Circle Of Love (7:46)
7. Sambasunda - The Miracle Of Fingers (3:55)
8. Sambasunda - Anthem (6:34)
9. Sambasunda - Sweet Dancing (5:51)
10. Samabasunda - Seventh Sense (6:37)


Sambasunda - Rhytmnical Of Sundanese People

About Sambasunda:
Kami adalah kelompok musik tradisi, kreasi, dan kontemporer yang garapan-garapannya mengakar pada seni tradisi Indonesia, berdomisili di kota Bandung. Aktivitas kami mencakup produksi rekaman, pelatihan, pertunjukan serta konservasi musik tradisi. Memang, ruang lingkup aktivitas kami lebih banyak menampilkan karya musikal. Namun tidak hanya itu, kami sering pula melibatkan garapan-garapan seni pertunjukan lain, seperti tari dan teater.

Nama Sambasunda mulai diperkenalkan pada tahun 1998. Semuanya berawal dari awal 1990 dengan nama berdirinya "PRAWA". Kemudian pada tahun 1997 nama "PRAWA" ini diganti menjadi CBMW. Nama ini terus dipakai hingga beberapa saat setelah diluncurkanya album perdana yang bertema "Rhytmical in Sundanese People". Sejak dalam album itu terdapat sebuah lagu yang berjudul Sambasunda, kami merasa cocok dengan kata itu sehingga sampai saat ini nama Sambasunda terus dipakai sebagai identitas.

Latar belakang para awak Sambasunda sangat mempengaruhi seluruh orientasi garapan. Kemampuan kesenimanannya tidak hanya dilatarbelakangi pendidikan tradisi, tapi juga ditunjang oleh pendidikan akademis di beberapa Perguruan Tinggi Seni di Indonesia.

Sambasunda telah beberapa kali tampil dalam berbagai event dalam dan luar negeri, diantaranya tercatat sebagai Best Performance pada Multi Cultural Of Asian Music Festival di Colombo Sri Lanka pada tahun 1999. Menjelang pergantian tahun 2000-2001 ini, di samping telah melakukan berbagai kegiatan pentas di dalam dan luar negeri, kami pun telah menghasilkan dua album baru yang berjudul "Takbir dan Shalawat" serta "Magic Skin Of Drums".

Program kami pada tahun ini, selain akan membuat album-album baru juga saat ini kami sedang dalam proses persiapan untuk tour keliling kota-kota di pulau Jawa. Masih di tahun ini, kami juga merencanakan akan bertandang ke beberapa negara seperti Malaysia, Jerman, Belanda serta Amerika Serikat.

Tentang konteks Sambasunda
Sebagian banyak orang mempersepsikan bahwa nama Sambasunda lebih identik dengan musik latin. Kata Sambasunda lebih dipopulerkan dengan sebutan 'Samba', kini kemudian timbul pertanyaan dengan gandengan kata 'Samba' dan 'Sunda'.

Sebenarnya nama Sambasunda diambil dari akronim 'Samba' dan 'Sunda'. Samba dalam ruang lingkup budaya Cirebon mempunyai pengertian remaja yang sedang menuju masa 'puber'. Sedangkan nama 'Sunda' diambil dari nama 'wilayah etnis' yang terdapat di pulau Jawa, tepatnya di wilayah Jawa Barat. Jadi hakikat Sambasunda diartikan sebagai generasi muda yang penuh semangat moril dalam mengembangkan nilai luhur seni budaya Indonesia. Kemudian dalam salah satu repertoar yang tergabung dalam album "Rhytmical in Sundanese People", nama Sambasunda kami hadirkan dalam bentuk repertoar lagu.

Dalam proses perjalanan musikalnya, kami telah semakin mantap dalam konsep-konsep kolaborasi. Ini banyak terjadi tatkala lontaran album-album baru kami banyak mencerminkan perpaduan instrumen musik dari berbagai etnis yang berbeda, seperti Bali, Sumatra, India, Africa, Finlandia, dan lain-lain, pendeknya kami sedang berupaya menuju suatu orientasi musik yang sedang populer saat ini dengan istilah "World Music".

Playlist files:
1. Sambasunda - Sambasunda (5:13)
2. Sambasunda - Munding Dorakala (5:47)
3. Sambasunda - Tamaburo (8:40)
4. Sambasunda - Lost Two Tigers (6:43)
5. Sambasunda - Berekis (4:20)
6. Sambasunda - Babah Ngawih (4:06)
7. Sambasunda - Kaligata Goragarago (13:03)
8. Sambasunda - Dikantun Tugas (5:42)
9. Sambasunda - Sumimaula (6:11)


Monday, August 4, 2008

Jubing Kristianto - Hujan Fantasy [2008]

"Hujan Fantasy" adalah album solo gitar kedua dari Jubing Kristianto. Seperti album pertama (Becak Fantasy), album yang kedua ini juga memilili konsep tidak jauh berbeda, yakni memasyarakatkan keindahan seni bermain gitar akustik tunggal. Kelebihannya adalah ragam style musik yang lebih luas, dan jumlah lagu yang lebih banyak.

Aku Cinta Dia dipilih menjadi pembuka album karena kualitas musik yang lincah dan ritmis. Kemeriahan aransemen lagu yang diipopulerkan almarhum Chrisye ini tetap terasa kendati hanya dimainkan dengan satu gitar akustik.

Nuansa musik Timur-Tengah amat terasa dalam Bengong Jeumpa sebuah lagu tradisional dari Aceh. Berbagai pola ritmik dan teknik unik dalam memainkan gitar akustik bisa dinikmati dalam aransemen yang satu ini tanpa mengurangi keindahan lagunya.

Bagi yang menyukai dentingan melodi gitar klasik yang romantis, Once Upon a Rainy Day tentu menyenangkan untuk didengar. Lagu slow bermelodi manis ini sekaligus menjadi prelude bagi lagu berikutnya, Hujan Fantasy. Menggunakan tema pendek dari lagu "Hujan" ciptaan Ibu Sud, Jubing menciptakan komposisi bernuansa simfonik dengan berbagai suasana dan style musik yang terpadu harmonis. Lagu ini sekaligus menjadi lagu jagoan dan menjadi judul album .

Pada lagu berikutnya, Bohemian Rhapsody, Jubing melakukan proses pembalikan, yakni sebuah komposisi untuk band, orkestra, dan paduan suara, dimampatkan sebegitu rupa hingga bisa dimainkan hanya dengan satu gitar. Tidak semegah aslinya memang, namun menjadi sangat menarik karena segala elemen yang menjadi ciri mahakarya grup Queen ini bisa terwakili dalam enam senar saja.

Lagu kocak Madu dan Racun yang pernah sangat populer di tahun 80-an, dimainkan Jubing sekocak aslinya dengan gaya yang unik. Bisa dibilang mirip blasteran reggae dan dangdut.

Berturut-turut kemudian adalah Astaga yang pernah dipopulerkan Ruth Sahanaya serta Every Breath you Take dari Sting. Kedua lagu ini dipilih untuk mewakili genre musik-musik pop Indonesia dan Barat Begitu juga dengan pemilihan I Wanna Hold Your Hand dari Beatles, serta Ye Liang Tai Wo Ti Sien dari Teresa Teng. Aransemen pada lagu-lagu ini tidak banyak mengubah harmoni aslinya untuk mempertahankan karakter musik pop. Khusus Ye Liang Tai dibuatkan dua versi, selain yang solo gitar, juga ada duet gitar dengan irama yang lebih nge-beat.

Nomor duet lainnya adalah Gundul-gundul Pacul yang merupakan rekaman live show dari konser Jubing di Mal Ambarukmo Plaza tahun 2007 yang disaksikan lebih dari 1.000 penonton. Dalam lagu ini, hadir bintang tamu pakar penabuh kendang dari Solo, Suryadi "Plenthe" yang meramaikan permainan gitar Jubing. "Duel" seru gitar dan kendang ini mendapat sambutan amat meriah dari penonton (rekaman videonya bisa dilihat di )

Untuk mewakili genre dangdut, Jubing menghadirkan Pengalaman Pertama karya A. Rafiq. Lagu ini diaransemen khusus dengan tiga gitar serta perkusi oleh Suryadi "Plenthe".

Three Oriental Songs yang berisi tiga lagu pendek --Moonrise, Windbells, Rickshaw-- adalah karya pribadi Jubing untuk solo gitar. Komposisi tersebut ditulis sebagai latihan dalam mengolah bahan baku melodi pentatonik menjadi bermacam komposisi dengan karakter berbeda. (

Track List
1. Aku cinta dia
2. Astaga
3. Bohemia
4. Bungo Jumpa
5. Gundul Pacul Live
6. Hujan
7. I One
8. Madu dan Racun
9. Moon Rise
10. Once Upon A Time
11. Pengalaman Pertama
12. Rick Show
13. Wind
14. yek liang tai rhytem
15. yek liang tai solo
16. You Take

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tompi - Soulful Ramadhan

Track List :
1. Assalamualaika
2. Doa Untuk Aceh
3. Dzikir
4. Idul Fitri
5. Kurindukan Rosul
6. Menyebut Nama-Mu
7. Muhammad Telah Mengajarkan Kita
8. Ramadhan Datang
9. Salam
10. Tell me Why?


The X-Files I Want To Believe OST (2008)

01. Moonrise
02. No Cures/Looking For Fox
03. The Trip To DC
04. Father Joe
05. What If You're Wrong/Sister
06. Ybara The Strange/Waterboard
07. Can't Sleep/Ice Field
08. March And Dig/Girl In The Box
09. A Higher Conscious
10. The Surgery
11. Good Luck
12. Seizure/Attempted Escape
13. Foot Chase
14. Mountain Montage/The Plow
15. Photo Evidence
16. The Preparation
17. Tranquilized
18. The Axe Post
19. Box Them
20. Home Again
21. X-Files
22. Broken
23. Dying 2 Live

Part 1
Part 2

Friday, August 1, 2008

VA - Indo Groove

01 GrooveBandit - Rindu
02 Parkdrive - Biarkan
03 The Groove - Khayalan
04 Rako Prijanto - Prahara_Cinta
05 Andezzz - Pergi
06 Sova ft. Andien & Renita - That Nite
07 Maliq & d'Essentials - Heaven
08 Écoutez! - Kasih
09 Ari ft Groovology - Untukku Bukan Dirimu
10 Warna - 50 Tahun Lagi
11 Ren Tobing - Cinta Terlarang
12 Shelomita - Kekagumanku
13 Bunglon - Pesta
14 Gadiz V Bass G ft Tompi - Kuingin Lebih Dari Itu
15 Ten 2 Five -I Will Fly (Band Version)
16 Sevensoul - Bersamamu


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arabian Traditional Takhat Ensemble (2007)

Genre: Ethno/World/Arabic Traditional
Year: 2007
Label: Pyramedia
Number of Compositions: 9
Quality: MP3 @192kbps
Size: 89mb

In the Arab world today, instruments include an important category whose domain is mostly the urban communities and whose popularity tends to transcend national and geographical barriers. In Egypt, before World War I, these instruments constituted a traditional ensemble known by the name takht, literally “platform.”

The “Takht” ensemble, comprising Oud, Qanun, Nay, Kamanga, Riqq and Kamanjah, plays pure classical music, often referred to as “Tarab”, or enchantment. Music in this category is either purely instrumental, or encompasses the art song. It is a small traditional ensemble of acoustic instruments of complementary timbres, each of which enriches the monophonic texture of the composed music with their own idiosyncratic trills, runs, and slides.

Musical instruments of the Arab world reflect the unity and diversity within the music itself. Certain types of instruments, including end-blown reed flutes, double-reeds, single-reeds, fiddles, plucked lutes and frame drums predominate. Yet, in each area, there may be a preference for particular instruments or instrument types. Moreover, details of construction and playing techniques are affected by local intonation and sound ideals, availability of construction materials, external musical influences, and the functions assigned to each instrument.

In the Arab world today, instruments include an important category whose domain is mostly the urban communities and whose popularity tends to transcend national and geographical barriers. In Egypt, before World War I, these instruments constituted a traditional ensemble known by the name takht, literally “platform.”

The “Takht” ensemble, comprising Oud, Qanun, Nay, Kamanga, Riqq and Kamanjah, plays pure classical music, often referred to as “Tarab”, or enchantment. Music in this category is either purely instrumental, or encompasses the art song. It is a small traditional ensemble of acoustic instruments of complementary timbres, each of which enriches the monophonic texture of the composed music with their own idiosyncratic trills, runs, and slides.

01. Amana Alik Ya Lil Tawel
02. Talat Salamat
03. Ya Msafer Whdak
04. Habibi We Anayia
05. Mbisaalesh Alyia Abdan
06. Tamaly Fi Alby
07. Mal Elkamar Malo
08. Mdnak Gafaho
09. Gana Elhawa Gana


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alena - Seindah Diriku [2008]

01. Seindah Diriku (Feat. The Saba)
02. Lavender
03. Perbedaan]
04. Tanpa Air Mata
05. Maaf
06. Awan Putih
07. Hati Yang Bicara
08. Cinta Menepi
09. Yi Xuan Le Ta
10. Berbagi Cinta
11. Terlanjur Memilih Dia
12. Love To Last My Life


Foo Fighters - The Missing Pieces (2008)

01. Walking A Line (3:55)
02. Life Of Illusion (3:40)
03. Danny Says (2:58)
04. Drive Me Wild (3:22)
05. Born On The Bayou (3:20)
06. Iron And Stone (2:55)
07. Goodbye Lament (with Tommy Iommi) (4:52)
08. I’m In Love With A German Film Star (4:21)
09. Up In Arms (Acoustic) (3:13)
10. A320 (5:45)
11. Dear Lover (4:34)
12. Ozone (4:18)
13. Have A Cigar (3:57)
14. How I Miss You (4:53)
15. Marigold (2:33)


Ost. Batman:The Dark Knight (2008)[iTunes]

1. Why So Serious?
2. I'm Not A Hero
3. Harvey Two-Face
4. Aggressive Expansion
5. Always A Catch
6. Blood On My Hands
7. A Little Push
8. Like A Dog Chasing Cars
9. I Am The Batman
10. And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
11. Agent Of Chaos
12. Introduce A Little Anarchy
13. Watch The World Burn
14. A Dark Knight



Monday, July 28, 2008

Merlin's Magic - Elements Of Rejuvenation (2000)

01 - Qi Gong Meditation, Pt. 1 (Attunement) [Directing the Qi]
02 - Heavenly Qi (The Swan) [For a Happy, Long Life ]
03 - Heaven and Earth (Dancing Wu Li) [Filling Yourself with Universal Qi ]
04 - At the Center of the Dragon [Strengthening Sexual Energy ]
05 - Elements of Rejuvenation [Rejuvenating the Body and Mind ]
06 - Transformation (Fire) [Spreading Peace and Harmony ]
07 - Devotion (Earth) [Strengthening the Power of Resistance ]
08 - Cheerfulness (Metal) [Releasing Negative Energies ]
09 - Mysteriousness (Water) [Empowering the Soul ]
10 - Gentle Impulse (Wood) [Increasing Flexibility ]
11 - Qi Gong Mediation, Pt. 2 (Tao) [In Touch with the Loving Power of the U]


Prisa - Self Titled[2008]

01. Bunuh Saja
02. Senyawa Kisah
03. Muka Dua
04. Kesalahan Terbesar
05. Harusnya Aku
06. Rahasiaku
07. I’ll Always Love You Forever
08. Penjara Cinta
09. Maafkan Saya Sus…
10. Padahal Ku Selalu Ada


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alpha Relaxation System, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA's pioneering work with thousands of patients and volunteers has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. With the Alpha Relaxation System, pulses of sound that activate Alpha brainwave patterns are embedded in the musical soundtrack, leading you to healthful and enjoyable states of relaxation.

* Based on over 20 years of pioneering clinical research.
* Experience beautiful and soothing musical compositions and 3-D sounds of nature.
* Easy to use with headphones or ordinary speakers.
* Contains no spoken words or subliminal messages.

Included in the system are two programs:
* Deep Relaxation--Enjoy states of deep relaxation and meditation.
* Active Relaxation--Listen to this program in the background while working, studying, or doing any activity to produce a lighter Alpha state.


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