Monday, December 22, 2008

Suzanne Ciani - Meditations for Dreams Relaxation & Sleep

A special collection of Ciani's most peaceful and healing recordings, all in one magical place.
A continuous mood of calm and exquisite beauty culled from 10 of her masters, five Grammy-nominated, including her seminal work in the pure electronic medium.. Suzanne Ciani is a composer, recording artist, and pioneer in the field of electronic music and sound design. She is best loved for her 14 albums of original music which feature her performances in a broad array of expressions: pure electronic, solo piano, piano with orchestra, and piano with jazz ensemble. Her music, reknowned for its romantic, healing, and aesthetic qualities, has found a rapidly growing international audience, and her performances include numerous benefits for humanitarian causes. This essential collection will appeal to fans of Tim Story, Kitaro, Deuter, Constance Demby, and Lisa Lynne... ~

Personnel includes: Suzanne Ciani (piano, synthesizer); Diane Sorel (vocals); Teja Bell (guitar); Jeremy Cohen (violin); Doug Harmon, Joseph Hebert, Matt Crooker (cello); Matt Eakle, Peter Gordon (flute); Paul McCandless (oboe, alto saxophone, English horn); Rob Zantay (lyricon); Vangelis (synthesizer); Michael Manring, John Peters (fretless bass); Kalani (percussion); Chris Ianuzzi (voyetra); The Young Russia Orchestra.


01. Inverness (04:37)
02. L'Azzurro (05:13)
03. The Velocity of Love (04:34)
04. Full Moon Sonata (05:07)
05. The Third Wave (05:22)
06. Meeting Mozart (04:49)
07. Go Gently (05:13)
08. Midnight Rendezvous (03:31)
09. 4 O'Clock in the Morning (03:52)
10. Berceuse (04:09)
11. Terra Mesa (03:30)
12. Bel Canto (02:05)
13. Lay Down Beside Me (08:32)
14. Lumiere (04:55)

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