Monday, July 21, 2008

Mozart in Egypt 2

Mozart in Egypt, devised by Hughes de Courson, was at its release in 1997, considered in the musical spheres world-wide as a true musical phenomenon and acted as meteorite. Indeed the musical encounter which brought together Mozart and Egypt together was unexpected and explosive! The much awaited Mozart in Egypt 2 features more than 200 musicians & singers, bringing together peoples from Europe and the Middle-East. 15 tracks. Virgin Classics. 2005.

1. Al Bedaya
2. Mozart In Egypt
3. Al Sahm Al Taeh
4. Alatul Concerto For Kaval & Flute
5. Al Sahara
6. Al Maghfera
7. Ninna Nam
8. Al Raqs
9. Ya Shady Symphony
10. Alexandria Quintet
11. The Queen Of The 1,001 Nights
12. Egyptian March
13. Layla Misariya
14. The Quarrel In The Seraglio
15. Nubian Prayer (Mawal)


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