Saturday, April 4, 2009

Various Artists - Sacred Spa Music Series: Touching Beauty

Various Artists - Sacred Spa Music Series: Touching Beauty
New Age | Mp3 @ 320 | 1 CD | 2005

Track list

1. Little Moritz by Bernward Koch
2. Song for Sarah by Michael Hoppe
3. Through the Arbor by Kevin Kern
4. Secret Dreams by Michel Rubini
5. Kuan Yin by Troika
6. Morfa Bychan by Huw Warren
7. K'un (Earth) by Frank Steiner, Jr.
8. Dance with a Princess by 2002
9. Before Night Falls by Bernard Lhoir
10. Sunset Glow by Bernward Koch
11. Peaceful Heart by Gandalf
12. Unspoken Words by Hiko
13. Morning Light by 2002
14. Seventh Ray by Tim Wheater
15. White Shadow by Back to Earth

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maspie said...

Part 1
Part 2

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