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Music of Indonesia

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Recorded in Indonesia by Phil & Florence Walker

Edited by Henry Cowell


Phil and Florence Walker left their view of the Golden Gate (San Francisco) to explore the world, taking color motion pictures and authentic music music and sounds of people and places. Some of the places they have visited to film are, Brazil, Uraguay, Argentina, the caribbean, Mexico, New Orleans, Hong Kong, Bangkok, the Philippines, Switzerland and Indonesia.

When they are in the U.S. they spend their time traveling from New York to Canada to Hawaii showing their films. Phil is a lecturer and producer.**

In Indonesia they found some of their most interesting material, both in sound and in film and visited many almost inaccessible places and became acquainted with inhabitants who had rarely, if ever, seen "western people". These lovely and exotic brown skinned people gave them great hospitality and sang and danced to express their welcome to the Walkers. Much of this was reproduced on the Walker's Nagra III tape recorder. In Indonesia they visited Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo (Kalimantan); Celebes (Sulawese); and the Maluccas (Spice Islands).

** They both work together to make the movies, still pictures and to record the sounds and music.

Track Listing :

Disc 01 :
01. Gandrung Bulo (Bamboo Drums) (1:56)
02. Gandrung Bulo (2:28)
03. Sinrili (2:15)
04. Tjakalele (3:02)
05. Ketchak (instrumental) (5:28)
06. Ketchak (vocal) (1:12)
07. "Perdjuritan" Dances (Soldiers' Dance) (5:21)
08. a) Paron; b) Kulu Kulu Gantjang (6:40)
09. Mamaos (comic Song) (5:43)
10. Sundanese (Water Music) (4:06)

Disc 02 :
01. Gondang Mula Mula (4:21)
02. "Andung Andung" (4:46)
03. "Hasa Hatan" (4:13)
04. Menari Sawat (Moslem Dance) (3:36)
05. Pubbradaya (3:33)
06. Barong Dance, Preren (3:46)
07. Barong Dance, continued: Omang (3:45)
08. Barong Dance, continued: Castel (3:00)
09. Barong Dance, ending: Sadewa (2:36)
10. Cremation Music Played on 2 Instruments (2:10)
11. Cremation Music Played on 4 Instruments (2:50)

Part 1
Part 2

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