Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[01]. World Music Library, KICC 5126 - Indonesia - The Gamelan Music of Bali

On Gamelan Music of Bali, we hear a Gamelan Angklung, and a Gamelan Gong Kebjar producing some of the most powerful, tour de force gamelan performances ever committed to tape. The program includes a dizzying array of pieces which range from quiet anticipation to virtual explosions of synchronized metallaphones, all deftly hammered in furious poly-rhythmic symmetry!

| MP3 320 kbps | Incl. Covers | 140 MB |

WML-I11_maspie.rar (84.18 MB)

WML-I12_maspie.rar (53.2 MB)


2 komentar:

Lucky said...

The content of the audio file is in fact
KICC 5126 - The Gamelan Music of Bali,
just like on the cover. Only the description is wrong.

maspie said...

@Lucky, thanks again for your corrections..
terima kasih jg..:)

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