Monday, June 2, 2008


Lush and bountiful, the sacred pulse of the earth resounds richly with gentle rhythms and melodies played by Mike Hamilton on his acoustic guitar, Richard Hardy on a variety of flutes and, of course, Grammy-nominated Peter Kater on the piano. Luscious strings, gentle percussion and a profound silence carry Peter's soulful compositions straight to the heart of the listener. Patient, poignant and very present, this music was created for our times of relaxation, our times of need and integration, and our time to be standing fully connected to our own Sacred Ground.

01. Sunrise [日出1:12]
02. Celestine [圣切莱斯汀9:12]
03. Summer Prelude [夏天序曲2:11]
04. Summer [夏天9:39]
05. Autumn Prelude[秋天序曲 1:59]
06. Autumn [秋天9:25]
07. Winter Prelude[冬天序曲 2:10]
08. Winter [冬天9:09]
09. Spring Prelude[春天序曲 2:33]
10. Spring [春天9:45]
11. Sunset [日落2:48]

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