Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mani Neumeier and Peter Hollinger - Meets The Demons Of Bali

Mani Neumeier is the frontman (singer and drummer) of the German Krautrock/Progressive rock-band Guru Guru. He together with Peter Hollinger and sixteen other native drummers from Bali, experimented with this outstanding project.


1.Jalan Jalan To The Temple (4:47)
2.In Indonesia (7:21)
3.Spirit Of Buma (6:20)
4.Batukau Vibes (4:42)
5.Bullracing (3:23)
6.Lelonggoranklung (3:45)
7.Happy Jegog (3:16)
8.Nightbus To Glilimanuk (5:30)
9.Suwendras Garden (5:55)
10.3 For Ketut (4:26)
11.Garudas Dance (3:55)
12.Merah Putih (4:09)

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