Monday, February 25, 2008

Golden Slumber's - A Father's Lullaby

Play List
1.Blackbird featuring Dave Koz & Jeff Koz
2. Isn't She Lovely featuring John Stoddart
3. Charlotte's Song featuring Peter White
4. Braham's Lullaby featuring Brian Culbertson
5. You'll Be in My Heart featuring Steve Kujala, Grant Geissman and Brad Cole
6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star featuring Dave Koz and Jeff Koz
7. When you Wish Upon A Star featuring David Benoit
8. Hush Little Baby featuring Bruce Watson
9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow featuring Rick Braun
10. Lullaby for Isabelle featuring Dave Koz and Jeff Koz
11. Afro Cuban Lullaby featuring Bruce Watson
12.All the Pretty Horses/Scarborough Fare featuring Grant Geissman and Brad Cole
13. You Can Close Your Eyes featuring Norman Brown
14. Golden Slumbers featuring Dave Koz and Jeff Koz

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maspie said...
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maspie said...


alexander said...

no 3 ud ga bisa
bisa di upload lagi kah?
btw thx

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